Lighthouse for Life

Shining the light of hope.

Our Mission

We fight to eradicate human trafficking by educating our community and empowering survivors.

The problem

Human Trafficking exists.

Human Trafficking is defined as the force, fraud, or coercion of an individual for commercial sex or forced labor in exchange for something of value.

this is not just a third world or big city problem.

This is happening in our communities, right under our noses, and it is NOT OK.

Help is one call away.

If you are being trafficked, or know someone who is, please call the National Human Trafficking Hotline or Text 233-733 (BEFREE).

We educate the Community.

Knowledge is power. Educate and arm yourself TO help END human trafficking.

We empower survivors.

We empower survivors to regain control of their lives.

two survivors making a hear with their hands
You can help...

Join the fight.

No matter who you are, or what your background is, there is a way for you to get involved and engage in the FIGHT to eradicate human trafficking.



The best way to fight human trafficking is to stop it before it starts. Learn all you can, share all you learn.



We are always looking for volunteers who share the heart of our mission and are willing to serve.



Our ability to accomplish the mission depends on the generous support of people like you.
Become a Lamplighter

Inspired by the dedication of the lighthouse keepers of old — who ensured the lamps were lit and shining bright — our recurring giving program allows donors to become modern-day lamplighters, shining light into the lives of those trapped in the darkness of sex trafficking.

Lighthouse Statistics at a glance

We fight to eradicate human trafficking.

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It's about the one.

…[it can feel] like this problem is too huge and this is fighting a losing battle, but then you remember it’s about the one. Because I’m one. And all the people that were instrumental in my getting out of that life and my healing, if they had said, ‘Oh I can’t solve the whole problem, so let’s just give up,’ then where would I be?