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Saturday, January 14, 2023

The Harbor Walk 15K

The Harbor Walk 15K

This Trail Ruck is sure to be unlike any other you have ever done! Along the way, there will be actors stationed at each mile marker with the intention of sharing different parts of a survivor’s story with you as you hike. You’ll travel in groups to reach each of these “pause points” in order to hear the next part of the story.
In addition to a unique hiking experience, by participating in this rucking event, we are inviting you all to partner with us as we raise funds for “The Harbor”– our Survivor Support Drop-In Center on St. Andrews Road! Think of this like a “relay for life” style setup, where you can ask your family and friends to sponsor each of your miles (example: $1.00/mi, $5.00/mile, $10.00/mile) that you will cover during the course of the ruck.
After you register for the event, Lighthouse for Life staff will set up your Fundraiser Page in our donation management system and you will receive an email inviting you to manage your page. You will be able to share your “giving link” with people who are interested in making donations toward your participation, helping us to reach our overall goal of raising $10,000 for Lighthouse for Life’s new Survivor Support Drop-In Center: The Harbor!
You will need to pay your $20 Registration Fee once your Fundraiser Page has been set up– so YOU will be contributing the first donation to your Fundraiser Page!



It's about the one.

…[it can feel] like this problem is too huge and this is fighting a losing battle, but then you remember it’s about the one. Because I’m one. And all the people that were instrumental in my getting out of that life and my healing, if they had said, ‘Oh I can’t solve the whole problem, so let’s just give up,’ then where would I be?